Online School Master Poker 88 – Rules and Strategies

We are glad to welcome you to the poker school from Master Poker 88! Poker is one of the most popular card games in Canada and globally, which hides many secrets despite its apparent simplicity.

According to this online casino guide reviewing the best places in Canada to play at, the most well-known casinos in Canada, whether land-based or online ones, cannot be imagined without a game of poker.

A good performance in poker depends on luck, but this game also requires amazing skill, and each player literally becomes the master of their own destiny. To be a success in this game means to learn a lot.

As a result, you can spend an endless amount of time learning the nuances of strategy and delving into the subtleties of different hands.

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You want to go deeper into poker theory and get better acquainted with the best game of the online gambling world, but you do not know where to begin? In that case, this section will be the best starting point in the world of professional poker.

It is quicker, easier and more effective to master this knowledge if you use the specially prepared and structured material we provide at our online school for Canadians.

It is hard to imagine a professional poker player without the knowledge. If you are looking for a trusted poker gambling platform – a unique High Pulse Poker, for example, you have to be the best in your game, to know rules and strategist to play confidently. There are various freerolls and tournaments every day, and you don’t need to make a deposit to play.

The combination of basic and academic knowledge, which everyone can get at our school, led to the need to systematize them and the emergence of various paid and free poker schools, including Master Poker 88.

On the site, you will find all the essential information that will allow you to beat online poker micro limits with confidence and create a solid foundation for further development.

Online Poker School Learning Stages

At our site, Canadian players can be taken through all phases of poker training, from basic poker rules and combinations to advanced materials designed for high-limit professional poker players.

The first beginner’s lessons cover the basic concepts of the game, starting with the history of Texas Hold’em as its most popular variety today. The focus here is on poker terminology, its rules, the classification of basic player psycho types and managing one’s behaviour at the table in common situations.

The training of an advanced user implies a more dense analysis of the game with mathematical calculations and the accompanying capital management, manipulation strategies, and the ability to “behave” with specific psycho types. The next level of a poker school professional will consolidate the knowledge gained earlier with a more subtle and more profound analysis and the necessary practice.


Why Choose our School?

Thanks to the various techniques and study of strategies, online poker school will help to go all the way to the development of true skill – from a beginner to an advanced. Interactive games and educational videos, free group and individual lessons, bonuses for advanced players, and special literature and communication with professional players – everything you can find here. In general, everything that a poker school will require from you is only proper attention, assiduity and patience. After all, as a poker pro, any online gambling agent will be understood and available to you to play adequately, confidently, and more winningly.


Will your poker school help me start winning?

Success depends at least 50% on the player, how focused they are, and how well they have learned and mastered their strategy at the poker tables. We give the player the other 50% necessary to succeed in online poker, providing up-to-date educational material and everything they need to be a plus player.

Why choose a poker school?

Our poker school Master Poker 88 is a convenient and, most notably, free way to learn the basics of poker strategy and build the foundation of your poker strategy.

A Brief History of Poker

According to official data, poker has been known for more than five centuries, but in the first 300 years, it managed to exist without any changes. In Canada the game was a favourite among working-class circles and speculators who were more surrounded by the game than by winning. Over time, the wealthy became interested in poker.

The early 1900s

In Canada and the United States, poker has become the most popular game in all bars and clubs. However, the basis of poker was fought, as this card game attracted many cheaters, illiterate people, as they later became the victims of enraged cheated players.

After the military took up poker, cheating was replaced by bluffing. As a result, the game became more honest and honourable.

An interesting fact. The U.S. ambassador got British Queen Victoria interested in poker rules, which served as a great impetus for the spread of poker, spurring the development and spread of the game in both Europe and America as the upper classes and estates began to get involved in the game.

Poker during World War I and World War II

It is hard to believe, but poker was the first game among soldiers and military during World Wars I and II, who developed their own rules of conduct during the game. Quiet behaviour and politeness to each other were the game’s basic rules. On the one hand – the aristocracy, on the other – trivial not to scare newcomers.

The first film about poker, “A Cure for Pokerists,” appeared on the screens in 1912. It is a story about the life of an inveterate gambler whose wife was constantly trying to wean him from his bad habit. Currently, the most popular poker movies are 1998’s “Rounders,” 1965’s “Cincinnati Kid” and 2002’s “Shade.”

Poker tournament history

Poker in the ’50s: Women in Poker

Until the mid-fifties, poker was an exclusively male game. Still, increasingly women began to appear at the tables of this game, who brought romance and charm to poker clubs through their ability to present themselves beautifully. At this time, club poker was gaining popularity, where instead of the dealer, the game was managed by the players. More and more attention is paid to the style and ability to bluff beautifully. As a result, poker became not just a game but an unusual pastime for aristocrats.

The 1970s: WSOP

In 1970 the first official World Series of Poker tournament, the WSOP, was held. This tournament attracted most players to take part in it. And winning the tournament would make a player famous and wealthy. The WSOP is currently the most prestigious series of tournaments, and the winners get big prize money and unique gold bracelets.

The WSOP has become an excellent advertisement for the game, as the big wins have made the world aware of players such as Doyle Brunson, Brian Roberts and Johnny Moss, whose example has made ordinary people realize that this card game can make anyone rich.

Our time

Poker has rapidly gained momentum thanks to online poker games. Anyone can learn the game’s rules completely free of charge, watch a huge number of instructional videos, read informative articles about poker and try the game with or without a minimum bankroll by getting a no deposit bonus.

Offline poker has also changed a lot in recent times. And it’s not about the game itself, but about the rules of the game. The possibility of fraud has been minimized by playing in designated places with security and surveillance systems. Many poker players believe that poker should be listed as an Olympic sport. If it ever happens, the oldest card game will reach a new level of development.