Our school has three levels of training: Beginner, Advanced, Professional.

Beginner’s course

This course covers the basics. Here you will get acquainted with poker, thoroughly study the rules, terminology, get acquainted with the behavior of the player at the table, learn various behavioral factors and player psychology.

This includes 15 lessons:

  1. Texas Hold’em combo.
  2. Betting in poker online. Rules
  3. Limp in poker. How to play?
  4. Starting hands in poker holdem
  5. Varieties of the Flop and Nats Definitions
  6. How to Bet in Poker
  7. Pot odds or Pot-odds
  8. Common Mistakes for New Poker Players
  9. Rules of Texas Hold’em
  10. Tournaments and cash. Game formats.
  11. Basic poker terms
  12. Mathematics of poker. Probabilities
  13. Types of players
  14. Poker positions at the table
  15. The Art of Bluffing

Advanced Level

This level is designed for players with basic knowledge to improve their poker game. Here you will continue to learn more about poker, its different variations, strategies and rules, the behavioral factors of players at the table, the psychology of players and the game in general.

This includes 17 lessons:

  1. Weapon of Victory: Squeeze
  2. Aggressive Bets
  3. Changing Strategies
  4. 3-bet. With Aggression.
  5. Playing with aggressive players
  6. How to beat a Beginner
  7. Pocket Pairs
  8. Marginal Cards
  9. Typical mistakes
  10. Understanding EV
  11. Managing the Stack
  12. Tilt
  13. Types of Poker Players
  14. Playing with a tight player 
  15. Monsters on Florence
  16. Playing at Short Tables
  17. Bluff and Half Bluff

Pro Level

The advanced level involves studying poker at a high, professional level. You must have the experience and knowledge of a basic and advanced player to go to a higher, professional level and learn all the subtleties of poker skills.

Thin includes 13 lessons:

  1. Floppy betting
  2. Thinking while playing
  3. Blockers
  4. Re-Raise/Re-Steal
  5. Winning Psychology
  6. Bankroll Creation
  7. Not the End, Just the Beginning
  8. Betting on Turn and River
  9. The Art of the Image
  10. Call River by pot odds
  11. Mathematical expectation
  12. Analyzing Your Game
  13. Winner’s Memo