Our poker school Master Poker 88 is a school of successful and talented professionals whose lives are closely connected with poker.

This is a treasure trove of knowledge necessary for a successful game to grow from a beginner to a successful professional poker player.

Our school gives you a 50% guarantee that you will be a successful poker player after finishing all the articles in this section. Why only 50%? We will not deceive anyone and tell you straight out; the other 50% of success will be entirely up to you, namely how well you will study the material given at the school and apply it in the game. Thus, this information, plus your desire to learn and work on your game, will provide the desired 100% success.

Online gambling with playing cards and chips by digital tablet

The school of online poker, thanks to the various methods and study of strategies, will help to go all the way to the development of real skill – from a beginner to an advanced. There are interactive games and educational videos, free group lessons and individual training, bonuses for successful players, and extraordinary literature and communication with experienced players in our school you can find and learn. But, in general, everything that a poker school will require from you is only proper attention, assiduity and patience.

Stages of learning online poker school

The first lessons for the beginner include learning the basic concepts of the game, starting with the history of Texas Hold’em as its most popular variety today. The focus here is on poker terminology, its rules, the classification of basic player psycho types and managing one’s behaviour at the table in typical situations.

The training of an advanced user implies a more dense analysis of the game with mathematical calculations and the accompanying capital management, manipulation strategies, and the ability to “behave” with specific psycho types. The next level of professional poker school will consolidate the knowledge gained earlier with a more subtle and in-depth analysis and the necessary practice.